Edmund Geste and his books

Additions and corrections


p. 88 n.185: Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green points out that works of Arias Montanus occur in one of the Cambridge inventories and two in Perne’s library, including the item owned by Geste (A52), (BiCI II 551) and there are two by Espense, though neither of them was owned by Geste (BiCI II 323).

p. 89: Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green notes that there was a work by Vicenzo Cicogna in Perne’s library, though not the one owned by Geste (BiCI II 223).

p. 102: Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green points out that works by Joachim Camerarius, the elder, are found in seven Cambridge inventories as well as Perne’s library (five items), (BiCI II 181), though none of these occur in Geste’s collection. Two items by Johann Garcaeus (though neither appears in Geste’s library) are also listed in two Cambridge inventories and in  Perne’s library (BiCI II 371-2), as well as three, and another unidentified work, by Conrad Kling (BiCI II 229-30), three of which were also owned by Geste (K7-9). 

David Selwyn

A revised version of Appendix IX, Pastedowns,  is available with a full set of digital images of the pastedowns, with revised identifications.

A revised version of Appendix XIndex of provenances and former owners,  is available with digitised images of inscriptions and revised identifications.