Gold Medallists

From time to time the Society awards a Gold Medal for distinguished services to bibliography to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of the subject and the furtherance of the Society’s aims. Forty-four awards have been made since the Medal Fund was established in 1929 and recipients since 1990 have been Nicolas Barker, Bernhard Fabian, Lotte Hellinga, Don McKenzie, David McKitterick, Henri-Jean Martin, Paul Needham, Mirjam Foot, Ian Doyle, G. Thomas Tanselle and James Mosley. A full list of all Medallists will be found on the Society's website at

A Gold Medal sub-committee will be convened in Spring 2019 to consider nominations and make recommendations to Council for the next award of a Medal or Medals. All members of the Society are invited to submit nominations, which should be accompanied by a brief but detailed supporting text outlining the achievements of the person being nominated and a short bibliography of his or her principal publications. No more than three names may be submitted by any one individual. Nominations and supporting text should be sent to: Karen Limper-Herz, Hon. Secretary, The Bibliographical Society, c/o Institute of English Studies, Room 304, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU, or, to reach her not later than 30 April 2019.

Previous Gold Medallists

1929 Wilberforce Eames 1982 Bernhard Bischoff
1929 Konrad Haebler 1982 Sir Geoffrey Keynes
1929 M. R. James 1984 David Foxon
1929 R. B. McKerrow 1986 P. O. Kristeller
1929 A. W. Pollard 1988 Katharine Pantzer
1932 Falconer Madan 1990 Don McKenzie
1935 Sir Frederic Kenyon 1992 Anthony Hobson
1935 W. W. Greg 1994 Henri-Jean Martin
1948 Stanley Morison 1997 Robin Alston
1948 Strickland Gibson 1999 Nicolas Barker
1951 F. S. Ferguson 1999 Bernhard Fabian
1951 Victor Scholderer 2001 Andrew Watson
1956 M. E. Kronenberg 2003 Peter Davison
1956 A. F. Johnson 2005 David McKitterick
1957 L. C. Wroth 2007 Dennis Rhodes
1960 E. A. Lowe 2009 Lotte Hellinga
1960 J. B. Oldham 2011 Paul Needham
1965 W. A. Jackson 2013 Mirjam Foot
1969 Fredson Bowers 2014 Ian Doyle
1969 Graham Pollard 2015 G. Thomas Tanselle
1975 John Carter 2017 James Mosley
1975 Neil Ker    
1978 Howard Nixon    

The Society would like to include links to short academic biographies of our Gold Medallists.
If you can suggest suitable additional or alternative ones, please send the links to the Hon. Editor of Electronic Publications.