Ad-hoc funding requests

The Society exists to ‘promote and encourage study and research in the fields of: historical, analytical, descriptive and textual bibliography, the history of printing, publishing, bookselling, bookbinding and collecting’. It does this through various means, including: holding meetings; printing and publishing a journal and books concerned with bibliography; and supporting bibliographical research by awarding grants and bursaries to individuals. It is particularly keen to encourage and support new methods of research in bibliography.

For projects beyond the scope of its Fellowships and Bursaries scheme, the Society will exceptionally consider requests for ad hoc funding to support projects in the following areas:

  • Online resources
  • Research projects
  • Fellowship and bursary sponsorship to support other organizations

Projects in the following areas are not covered by these awards:

  • Cataloguing of libraries
  • Conference subventions[1]
  • Replacement teaching[2]
  • Conservation activities
  • Support for the income of the applicant
  • Purchase of hardware, software, or books by individuals

Grants for subject bibliographies are not regarded as falling within the field of the Society’s interests, and single-author bibliographies or textual studies will not normally be considered unless they offer significant advances in methodology or are likely to throw light on the history of the book in a wider context.

The Society will not normally make grants of more than £5,000 for any project.

The awards shall be advertised on the Society’s website and in The Library; applications may be submitted throughout the year; they will be considered as soon as possible by Council after they have been received.

Applicants should submit a document of no more than 1,500 words, explaining the scope and the significance of the project to be funded; a budget for the project as a whole (including any other grants sought and/or obtained) and detailed costings, showing how the Society’s funding would be used, should be included. All applications should be addressed to the Society’s Honorary Secretary:

The Society will arrange for suitable referees to be contacted.

Applicants for these awards may be of any nationality and need not be members of the Society. All other things being equal, the Society gives priority to work that will be published and to scholars who have no opportunity of gaining institutional support for their research. Successful applicants are expected to make their supported work public by the presentation of a paper to the Bibliographical Society or some other learned society, or by publication.

[1]The Society’s Fellowships and Bursaries scheme currently offers subventions to conferences; the Society does not  currently support individual attendance at conferences.

[2] The Society’s Fellowships and Bursaries scheme currently offers this only in relation tor the Pantzer Fellowship.