Major Grants for 1994-95

  • $1,500 from the Bibliographical Society of America as the Fredson Bowers Award, with an additional £250 from the Society, to Dr James Raven for a study of book importation records of early North American colonial institutional libraries;
  • £500 from the Oxford Bibliographical Society, with an additional £1000 from the Society, to Dr N. Pickwoad for a study of bookbinding as practised in Oxford in the age of the handpress;
  • £650 to Mr C. Rodine for a study of early modern mathematical publishing: the award associated with the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association;
  • £600 to Mr C. Bajetta for a study of the physical aspect of presentation copies in Elizabethan England;
  • £400 to Professor M. J. Collie for a study of the concept of the "Big Book" in the history of science;
  • £500 to Professor G. R. Keiser for a study of the MSS of Lydgate's "Lyf of Our Lady";
  • £500 to Mr David Pearson for work on the history of bookbinding in Oxford, 1500 to 1620;
  • £250 to Mr J. Scott Warren for a study of the presentation of books by Sir James Harington;
  • £400 to Dr J. Sheppard for a study of medieval binding structures in Cambridge libraries;
  • £500 to Dr W. H. Sherman for work on marginalia and the uses of books in the English Renaissance;
  • £450 to Ms Lyndan Warner for a study of records of groups of private libraries in sixteenth-century France.