John Dee's Library Catalogue

A new file of Additions and Corrections has been created for the Catalogue of John Dee's Library:

Further contributions are invited.

Legacy Gifts to the Society

The Bibliographical Society welcomes bequests to support its work to promote the study of and research in historical, analytical, descriptive and textual bibliography.  The Society receives no support from public funds; legacy gifts and charitable donations will secure the future of the Society and enhance its activities.

Ligatus Research Centre (UAL) Announces 'Language of Bindings' Thesaurus

Bibliographical Society members may find of interest the 'Language of Bindings Thesaurus' now available on the Ligatus Research Centre website. The Thesaurus is a searchable work of ~1000 terms related to bookbinding and bookbinding structures.

For a press release about the project, please click here.

To search the Thesaurus, click here.

Nominations Invited for the Society's Gold Medal

The Society awards a Gold Medal for distinguished services to bibliography to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of the subject and the furtherance of the Society's aims. A Gold Medal sub-committee will be convened in September 2015 to consider nominations and make recommendations to Council for the next award of a Medal.

Marginal Malone Symposium

Society members may be interested in the 'Marginal Malone' symposium, held on Friday June 26, 2015 at the Lecture Thetare, Weston Library, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. The symposium is co-organised by the Yale Program in the History of the Book and the Bodleian centre for the Study of the Book.

A flyer with event details is available to download here.

To register for the event, please see:

Virtual Issue of 'The Library' Now Available

The Library is happy to announce the first of its annual 'Virtual Issues'. Each will comprise a retrospective gathering of key articles in a particular field that have appeared in the pages of The Library since the journal’s first appearance. These will be chosen by a guest editor, who will also supply an editorial reflecting on the field, its history, and its prospects, here and beyond. This virtual issue is available, free of charge to any interested reader, through the journal's page at OUP:

Nichols Archive Project

A description of Julian Pooley's project to catalogue the letters and papers of the eighteenth-century printer and antiquarian John Nichols has been uploaded.

English book owners in the seventeenth century

A new version of David Pearson's annotated list of English book owners in the seventeenth century has been added to the Society's electronic publications (January 2015).

Download available at English book owners in the seventeenth century.

Fellowships & Bursaries: Updated Guidelines

The Fellowships & Bursaries page has been updated with the new 2014/2015 guidelines.

Fellowships and bursaries applications will be accepted through 9 January 2015. To apply, see the information under 'application procedure'.